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Welcome to my blog. Here is where I share snippets of my modeling, visual design company owning, new mommy-hood lifestyle.

Portfolio Spotlight: JNJ's Design work for a "difficult" client

Portfolio Spotlight: JNJ's Design work for a "difficult" client

Off to a friends’ wedding later today. The ebullient love in the air is distracting me from the shitstorm of current events as of late, much like how a cool breeze would feel while standing on the surface of the sun, I imagine. You know, aware of your surroundings, but eagerly leaning into any sweet respite that comes your way (however temporary).

What’s not temporary are the memories borne from love, and that Goodness (capital G) is the gas that fuels me during these times (see what I did there? My metaphor bucket overfloweth). In honor of that—and because I just want to share what was at the time my most ambitious design project, as I am certainly my most difficult client— this portfolio spotlight is all about our design work for our wedding 3 years ago.

#fbf indeed. Here’s to cool breezes. 

Custom hand lettering HAM-ness:


Custom printing: magazine favors for adults, and activity placemats & booklets for kids table

I've been working on our business plan for 2018, and this nostalgia is seriously making me consider adding events as a tangent of our design services.  
original portfolio


Munaluchi Bride online magazine

The Knot Chicago print and online feature


Gratitude in BALI

Gratitude in BALI

Day 31:  It’s been a slow release

Day 31: It’s been a slow release