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Hey Now.

Welcome to my blog. Here is where I share snippets of my modeling, visual design company owning, new mommy-hood lifestyle.

Facing *our* future Head On

Facing *our* future Head On


You began as a wish I was afraid to whisper.

An alternate reality I wouldn’t consider, 

because I didn’t feel ready. 

That this world wasn’t ready to honor and protect you.

But you knew better. 

Coming from the most high, the most light, the most Love.

Turned my fear into Faith, and now I trust that you are meant to be.

Thank you for choosing me. Us. 

We’ll protect and honor you best we can.

I wrote the above passage while pregnant.

Now: going into 2019 pregnant with hopes, goals, ambitions and questions for my career, self-identity and this *new* definition of family.

Here’s to facing it all head on.

Winter... you done yet?

Winter... you done yet?

A life aNEW

A life aNEW