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Hey Now.

Welcome to my blog. Here is where I share snippets of my modeling, visual design company owning, new mommy-hood lifestyle.

Excellence, & Action! For the kiddos.

Excellence, & Action! For the kiddos.

This post will be brief, as it's 6:30 am and I've already been up since 5:00 (anyone that knows me knows I am NOT a morning person. They would also know that I'm a bit of a self-proclaimed nerd with a soft spot for kids and an all-around excellence junkie).

Now you know

My abnormal insomnia has given way to this post: A love note and shout-out to Black Panther. No entertaining, enlightening or intellectual plot breakdown and societal think-pieces here— there's ample supply of that floating around that's given me life on these internets.

This is a personal share of some recent action taken by some excellent folks in my network who, like many (self-included), were inspired so much by this movement/movie that they gave a little that's going a long way:

A Village that don't Play

Case in point #1 the giving: In 2 days, 117 people have donated $4160 dollars for young people from KIPP Bloom and Schmid Elementary schools in Chicago to attend a screening. This just happened yesterday. I, like those other 116 folks, didn't even think twice about donating.

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Because... you know:


Break It Down and Back It Up

Case in point #2 That cheeky sub-title may sound like an early 2000's summer jam, but I'm talking about utilizing the content and conversations surrounding the movie to facilitate meaningful dialog and deeper, empathetic understanding with our most valuable humans: kids. Breaking down the themes, and backing it up with tangible resources for public use.

An educator wrote an entire curriculum as a companion guide for middle grade students before and after watching the film.

It's dope. The former textbook designer in me geeked out was inspired this morning to scratch out a cover and Table of Contents page to accompany it. You know, for those visual learners out there: 

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 7.10.36 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 7.10.51 AM.png

Download the curriculum here and the two pages of visuals here:
In an ideal universe I would've designed the entire program— chapter openers, lesson pages, wrap-ups, index and all— but this will do. For now ;) 

Making Space

Making Space

My Miami Vice: Art Basel

My Miami Vice: Art Basel