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Hey Now.

Welcome to my blog. Here is where I share snippets of my modeling, visual design company owning, new mommy-hood lifestyle.

Making Space

Hey! I’m pregnant! We officially announced a little over a week ago to our personal connects in one fell swoop— via one strategically placed social media post:

Work of Art, Work (of love) for the rest of our life, you know... SAME. lol.

Work of Art, Work (of love) for the rest of our life, you know... SAME. lol.

For the most part, everyone is over the moon with our announcement and happy for us (sans the misplaced sore feelings of a few family members who would’ve rather gotten a more personalized notification than finding out on facebook—but in time they’ll *hopefully* see that we did what’s right for us, unconditional love and all.)

Managing personal space, the energy I inhabit and engage in has been a priority these past few months. In the next few months, however, I intend to extend that focus toward managing my client needs and expectations while adjusting JNJ Creative company goals so that my next “big project” has all the space it needs.

My girl visited from LA last week and through talking to her, a realization: All the moves I’ve proactively made this past year has brought me to this point. I mean, I literally said last spring that I was “feeling spiritually claustrophobic and needed to ‘make space’ in my life.” <shout out to therapy.>

So, I intentionally shed whatever physical and environmental things I could, from managing an investment property that was taking up time, to a full-time job working for someone else that was siphoning my best “creative-juices”, to metaphorically carrying extended family needs. 

This Summer? Set up shop independently and worked “lite” (meaning juggling my past freelance clients only instead of courting new ones). 

This Fall? Traveled to Bali and unapologetically nurtured my “carefree-bohemian-magic-ness”.

And now? The Mr. and I have an unapologetic little magic seed literally being nurtured inside me. It cosmically (and comically*) makes perfect sense.

*comically b/c the intensity of my morning sickness for the first 3 months is the stuff of legend; that alone deserves it’s own separate post. 

Pregnant in Paris


We just finished flying back home from Paris. Now with our Babymoon (and bucket-list) under our belts, we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Moral of this rambling story

If you’re feeling “stuck”,  intentionally make space in your life and unapologetically shed whatever isn’t serving your Happy. You might not know what you’re making room for, but you might be pleased with what comes to occupy it. <3.

Au Revoir!



Morning Musings

Morning Musings

Excellence, & Action! For the kiddos.

Excellence, & Action! For the kiddos.