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Hey Now.

Welcome to my blog. Here is where I share snippets of my modeling, visual design company owning, new mommy-hood lifestyle.

Morning Musings

Morning Musings

U up?

It’s 4:47 a.m., just finished slathering shea butter on my midsection, and am typing this while doing hip rotations on my exercise ball. 

I am very much pregnant. 


It’s been a while since I’ve added to this personal/professional-sporadic-snapshot-of-my-life-diary blog, but like a neglected pet, I realize that I should give it a bit of attention. So, just like how my doula recommends at least 5 small meals throughout the day to keep energy up and digestive issues at bay, here’s 5 quick thoughts:


  1. Pregnancy-related insomnia. It’s a thing. I’m taking it as nature’s way of prepping me for baby feedings every 2hrs, and the slow acceptance of the end of a restful night as I know it. The really odd thing is that I *whispers* secretly love early mornings now. Everything is so quiet while I'm productive, and the sun coming up is like my own special reward—a bright ass alarm clock/literal gold star for a job well done (My former “night-owl-Netflix-binge-laptop-blue-light-loving self would never).
  2. This Childish Gambino video snatched all my everything and then put it back together like a jigsaw puzzle warped by time and moisture. The pieces still fit, but it’s bubbling up in places it didn’t before. The video has me seriously missing art thesis and contemporary art studies classes. I miss the collective intellectual anointing that came from intense discussion and debate over the esoteric. Nonetheless, praise be to the internet (and my virtual feeds) that are rampant with think-pieces and quips that dissect and expand his artwork in ways I couldn’t articulate after my first viewing. I’m devouring.

3. The Gemini that I am embraces change and craves information. Well, this gestation period has me leaning ALL the way into that information part. Your girl has been the research queen these past few months, culling and (still) choosing the right balance of holistic, research-based, natural-but-practical pregnancy and motherhood ish for my lifestyle. So far, I’ve got:

  • A doula and midwife (but not a home birth plan)
  • Organic groceries, raspberry leaf tea, dates and alkaline lemon water (but also: cravings for spicy curry, Harold’s chicken, almond milk ice-cream and Ann Sather's cinnamon buns),
  • a cloth diapering plan (but disposables for the 1st month at least—I’m not crazy).
  • Essential oils and crystals on deck (but don’t think I won’t cuss when needed):

4. The Gemini in me also starts projects but has a hard time sustaining them. Attention span be like:


With that being said, let’s see just how much of my earth mama neuroticness holds up after bebeh arrives;)

5. I’ve had to turn down some requests for graphic design/production work due to scheduling—my current projects have end dates of late June. Since I’m due to deliver at the end of July/first week of August, I realize that I need the month of July to be clean. Clean of other’s wants and acknowledgment that I need nothing more than to nest, and rest. This is advised, since, you know, I’m of an “advanced maternal age” (wtf). Most days I look younger than almost 38, But honestly, all the Pharrell, Gabby Union, and Bianca Lawson vampire-ish-age-defying-ness can't save me when this pregnancy fatigue hits, so I’ll accept the "take it easy" approach.

Ooop. Look at that—Sun's up. Time to embrace this day (and crash around 1:00 for an epic nap. Don’t get it twisted!). 

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