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Hey Now.

Welcome to my blog. Here is where I share snippets of my modeling, visual design company owning, new mommy-hood lifestyle.

A life aNEW

A life aNEW

Been a minute since I posted last

Time has flown by AND stood still simultaneously. I’m a mother now! My entrance into parenthood was July 29th at 11:07 a.m., where my husband, our midwife, our doula and a few nurses supported me as I pushed Jayce Xayden Nelson into this world.


After 2 and a 1/2 days of sloooow building contractions (while I went about town like “normal”—including visiting my best friend because she just gave birth(!) , I spent only 4 hours of active labor in the hospital. It was empowering and surreal; all my “natural” prep work paid off: one bathtub, no drugs, and a million emotions later, my life has been redefined.

A New Normal

Everything has a soft glow as of late. Be it the slow wane of oxytocin—that natural high one gets when a newborn is all up in your space <3, OR my blurred vision from sleep deprivation, here I am, with a son. Having brought him Earthside into a world where I equally want to protect him and prepare him, I’m cautiously conscious.


Cautious: Tending to my postpartum needs and balancing expectations (and finances) during this time.

Conscious: Trying to be mindful of my choices, whether it be going full throttle with working again in a few months (and clarifying just WHAT that looks like) or taking more personal time to invest in what’s most important in life. 

Looking Ahead

I just don’t know what the next month or year will look like (professionally or personally)! Of course no one does, but for the first time in my life, I’m struggling to plan. Before when I quit jobs, traveled, let go of relationships, mindsets and started new ones, I’ve always jumped into the unknown willingly because I had an overarching plan of goals that I thought I could achieve. Lately though? I’ve just been feeling my way through. At the very least, I’ll continue to share my journey according to what feels right, and right now I’m taking my days moment by glorious baby-filled moment.

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Facing *our* future Head On

Facing *our* future Head On

Big Changes, all aROUND ;)

Big Changes, all aROUND ;)